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SXY Soap Co. - Lemonade Bar Soap - Scented

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What a great gift for someone who loves their summertime beverages. A perfect gift to give yourself because you deserve all the positive moments life can give you. Lemon essential oil scent will give you a quick pick-me-up  for your morning bathing and shower time. Ayurvedic medicine practitioners have been using lemon essential oils for what dates back to at least a thousand years. The dense peels of the lemons are full of nutrients that will relieve your anxiety and decrease stress and has also been known to to relieve nausea when practitioners administer treatment of lemon essential oil. Lemon has been known to present detoxifying properties. This artistic beverage of ice and lemonade soap was created as lemons are bitter and making lemonade is based on the proverbial phrase when life gives you lemons, make lemonade...thus, this soap seemed so appropriate during sour times of a pandemic; making a lemonade soap is turning hard times in life into a desirable experience at bath time. 

Ingredients: glycerin soap base, natural tint, essential oil

Weight: 7 oz

Please note: As all our soaps are handmade the soap you receive could appear slightly different from the images shown here.