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This amazing Luxury Massage Bar was created for ultimate relaxation and reduction of stress. Bergamot is added to this massage bar. Bergamot is a fruit tree that grows in Italy and has a fruit that resembles both the orange and lemon - we use Calabrian Bergamot, produced in Calabria Italy and considered to be the highest quality in the world. Bergamot was originally used in Italian folk medicine as well as Ayurvedic medicine for everything from skin issues to mental health. Bergamot is most popular when added to a tea - and this is know as Earl Grey tea. Sandalwood is coupled with Bergamot in this amazing massage bar. Sandalwood dates back some 4000 years in Rome, Greece and Egypt where many temples and buildings were built from this wood. India is a great long time lover of Sandalwood also. The oils in ancient times were used for purification and business protection. In India, the practice of Ayurvedic Medicine which is 3,000 years old is still practiced today and Sandalwood is used to balance an individuals energies. This massage bar provides soap nodes to assist you in massaging your sore muscles while enjoying the aromatic scents of citrus and a woodsy relaxing fragrance from the essential oil blend of this soap makers hands.

Ingredients: goats milk soap base, caster oil, essential oils

Weight: 4.5oz/126g

Please note: As all our soaps are handmade the soap you receive could appear slightly different from the images shown here.