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L&L Teas - Maiden Menstrual Tea - 10 Teapot Bags

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First and foremost if you have uncomfortable periods - stop drinking caffeine! Caffeine in coffee and black tea is enough to actually make your menstrual cramps worse.  Caffeine is anxiety-inducing, which causes your muscles to contract even more. The last thing you need is your uterus contracting more than it already does when you are having a period. Alcohol is also not recommended and can cause your reproductive and major organs grief when your system is trying to balance itself. 

This Maiden Menstrual Tea has been blended and formulated to reduce menstrual symptoms, relieve nausea, relieve cramps and bloating.

The special ingredient in this tea is our Greek Mountain Tea. This ingredient is a popular tea drank throughout Greece and known for it's antioxidants and it's anti-inflammatory properties. 

This tea is soothing, pleasant and comforting to sip on and nothing is more important during that time of the month. 

For women going through the change of life or post menopausal, this is a wonderful tea for all Goddesses!

Not recommended for children, pregnant women, nursing moms and you should always check with your health practitioner before using tea as a medicine.

* Pouch contains 10 tea bags - one bag is perfect for one large teapot, which makes approximately 20 cups of tea.

Ingredients: Red Raspberry Leaf, Rubus Ideaus, Spearmint Leaves, Chaste Berry, Rooibos, Siderites, Licorice Root, Stevia Leaves, Cinnamon

Net Wt. 2.2oz/60g