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SXYU No Stink For You - All Natural Deodorant

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Indeed we joke about the name - however, no joke with the formulation or creation of this wonderful and natural product we introduce to you.
  • Free-From Carcinogens
  • Free-From Parabens
  • Free-From Petroleum
  • Free-From Aluminum
  • Free-From Cruelty
  • Nourishes, moisturizes, and repairs the underarm.

Formulated with baking soda to keep you dry, this powerful all natural deodorant is a great pick for heavy sweaters. It’s formula is combined with arrowroot powder, another natural ingredient that helps soak up moisture it’s the best for odor and sweat protection, so it might be one to consider if you’re hesitant about making the switch to a natural deodorant.

“If you stop using aluminum, salt-based antiperspirants, your skin will naturally shed the aluminum from the sweat glands over time,” notes Dr. Joshua Zeichner, a New York-based dermatologist.  So know that when you begin to use a natural deodorant you will experience change. 

When I began using an all natural deodorant -I experienced a slight rash as my body adjusted to the harmful chemicals leaving my armpits(I am hyper sensitive to everything and have multiple allergies) Often individuals may have to do an "Armpit Detox" from the other harmful and chemical deodorants. You can google this for your assistance when you begin using an all natural deodorant.

Without synthetic fragrances, natural deodorants usually get their scents from essential oils, which smell very differently. In our formulation, Geranium and Tea Tree oil are very good for your skin and the combination of essential oils ward off any odor as well as operate as an anti-fungal. The Tea Tree oil demonstrates antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that help to keep you free from odor. 

A small bit goes a long way. Not like your regular deodorant - only use a small amount.

Ingredients: Cocoes Oleum, Shea Butter, Arrowroot Pulveris, Bicarbonate Nitri, Tea Lignum Olei, Geranium Cinereum Oleum, Apes Cera

Net Wt. 2.25oz/63g