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SXY Soap Co. - Over the Moon Bar Soap - Scented

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Over the moon body bar cleanses and exfoliates skin, while the unique use of activated charcoal helps to absorb odors and is known to draw out impurities from the skin. Charcoal is appreciated and well used in the health and beauty industry and this bar will leave you feeling clean and fresh. There is an exfoliating effect from the activated charcoal and for those with acne and oily skin this bar will clean pours and expel the oil from your skin. We recommend using this bar from two to four times per week as charcoal has been known to dry the skin. We have added castor oil  as well used a Goats milk soap to provide moisture until your skin adjusts to the benefits of this bar of soap. We are sure you will be Over the Moon with the results of this artistic view from the moon, as well experiencing the benefits of activated charcoal soap. 

Ingredients: goats milk and glycerin soap base, castor oil,
titanium dioxide, activated charcoal, natural tint, fragrance

Weight: 5.3 oz

Please note: As all our soaps are handmade the soap you receive could appear slightly different from the images shown here.